TMF - an employers’ organisation

TMF as an employers’ organisation, represents member companies within industries that manufacture interiors, kitchen cabinetry, furniture, mouldings, wooden houses, wooden components and wooden boards.

Contracts and laws

TMF assists member companies with everything from information about laws and contracts to questions about salaries, holidays, work environment and sick pay. TMF’s main role is to negotiate collective agreements with union partners. TMF represents member companies in civil disputes free of charge.

Focus on individual members

Expert assistance is available for member companies on such topics as labour legislation, contracts, salary development, training and work environment.

We focus on individual members at regional and central levels when it comes to giving advice on negotiations and labour legislation.


TMF offers courses in labour legislation, collective agreements, business management, personnel management and working environments.

About the organisation

TMF is the national trade and employers’ association of the wood processing and furniture industry in Sweden. The organisation’s role is to increase competitiveness in the industry and work for member organisations’ growth.

TMF works in association with businesses on issues of industrial policy, industry development and employer questions.


TMF is one of 48 trade and employer association member organisations within the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv). Arbio, is the service company that is jointly owned by Skogsindustrierna, Trä- och Möbelindustriförbundet and Skogs- och Lantarbetsgivareförbundet.


TMF - Trä- och Möbelföretagen

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Postadress: Box 55525, 102 04 Stockholm
Telefon: 08-762 72 50
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