Member benefits

As a member of TMF you have the possibility to sign-up for cost-effective insurance, access to legal advice based on pre-negotiated agreements with selected solicitors, discounts on petrol, etc.


Our website, newsletters, the magazine Trä- och möbelforum and member pamphlets help keep members informed of what’s new in the field, as well as changes in laws and regulations for businesses.

Statistics, market analysis, financial forecasting

TMF follows the development of the market and provides the most recent market information available.

Marketing- national and international

TMF negotiates and signs contracts with trade fair organisers to give our members added benefits. In addition TMF participates in Swedish and international trade fairs to represent the industry and our various markets.

International co-operation

TMF is a member of various international organisations including: Cei Bois, UEA, Femib, NTL, RTT.


TMF - Trä- och Möbelföretagen

Besöksadress: Storgatan 19
Postadress: Box 55525, 102 04 Stockholm
Telefon: 08-762 72 50
Fax: 08-762 72 24